Privacy Policy

Japan Space Forum (hereinafter referred to as “JSF”) regards that protection of personal information of its customers and its staff member as an important social responsibility, while execute JSF’s operation which promotes space related and other science and technology. Thus JSF recognizes personal information protection as a basic policy to realize JSF’s corporate identity. JSF hereby declare to establish and constantly operate a management system for personal information protection to implement the following policies and will aim for its continuous improvement as an effort by the entire company.

  1. JSF will collect minimum and appropriate personal information for limited use and offer. JSF will also prohibit the usage of personal information for purposes other than the original intent, and will take measures to prevent unintended use.
  2. JSF will observe laws, national policy and all other norms regarding proper handling of personal information.
  3. JSF will prevent unauthorized access to the personal information, leakage of the personal information, damage or defamation, and rectify any breach of the rules.
  4. JSF will correspond rapidly for any claim and consultation concerning personal information.
  5. JSF will continuously improve the management system for personal information protection.

Established on 1st August 2013
Toichi Sakata, President
Japan Space Forum


If you have any questions or inquiries regarding our privacy policy or retaining private information, please contact our 'Inquiry Counter' .

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