Message from President

Message from President

Toichi Sakata President

I was appointed President of the Japan Space Forum (JSF), succeeding Mr. Shogo Kitahara, with effect from June 26, 2015. It is my honor to work cooperatively with all parties concerned.

Since its establishment, JSF has been committed to promote science and technology in aerospace and other fields, by conducting various activities such as increasing public awareness of space development, supporting space experiments, and observing space debris. JSF has also made efforts to drive its business with the management philosophy that JSF, performing as a bridge, connects space with everybody who wish to utilize it. We believe that our bridge encourages space utilization and its industrialization, which is one of the important purposes of JSF.

In compliance with the Basic Space Law established in 2008, Japan’s space development policy drastically shifted from R&D-driven to utilization-driven such as the space utilization for the improvement of people’s lives, the development of industry, security, and the promotion of international cooperation. In January 2015, following the establishment of the Basic Space Law, and with the circumstances surrounding Japan’s space policy changing further toward the importance of security in outer space and the necessity of strengthening the space industrial base, the new Basic Plan on Space Policy was established by the Strategic Headquarters for Space Policy.

Analyzing these changing situations accurately, JSF focuses particularly on space debris monitoring to ensure the sustainable use of outer space in terms of space security and also on supporting space experiments and other technologies which are expected to spread in the future as well as generalizing space-borne technologies. In addition, JSF works on supporting developing countries in various fields such as capacity building, strengthening cooperation with as many science museums as possible in Japan and abroad, and other related activities. With all these business activities, by living up to expectations of those who wish to utilize or are interested in space, JSF will contribute to the development of society.

To fulfill this mission, I would express my appreciation for your understanding and cooperation in JSF’s activities. Toichi Sakata