JSF's Environmental Efforts

ISO14001 Certification

Japan Space Forum have been certified according to ISO14001, the international standard for industry environmental management system, since March 18, 2008.

Environmental policy

Japan Space Forum recognize that “The earth is a significant planet maintaining all lives and it is the common issue of the mankind to continue to perform the maintenance and improvement of the global environment”.

In performing the investigative research regarding scientific technology such as space exploration and the exchange program including international conference and symposium etc., we aim at all employee’s contribution to the effective utilization of the limited natural resources and reduction of environmental burdens for the initiative of the global environmental issue based on the following items:

  1. We will continuously improve our environmental management systems and environmental performances and try best not to waste the consumption of energy and resources and protect from the environmental pollution.
  2. We will comply with the applied environmental rules and regulations and also other agreed required matters.
  3. We will establish operational procedure of environmental management system and focus on the following items as the environmental goals.

    1. (1)promotion of public awareness of global environmental issues through our activities
    2. (2)promotion of ecological-related activities 
    3. (3)restraint of power consumption (especially power for lighting and office machine)
    4. (4)promotional procurement of environmental friendly products (especially stationary)
  4. We will carry out the environmental policy after making it as the written policy
  5. We will notify the environmental policy to all the people to whom this system is applied through environmental education and/or by written notice
  6. We will release the environmental policy on website and provide it with written statement at your request.

26th June 2015
Toichi Sakata, President
Japan Space Forum